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Volunteer of the Year

           Please thank the HAVOC Volunteers from Hamilton College.  Receiving the Your Neighbors “Volunteer of the Year” Plaque for HAVOC Food Salvage Program are: (from the left) Sharon Rippey, Suzy Belmont and Sarah Wetherill. They are a few from this Hamilton College group that has helped our organization.

          We choose the HAVOC Group from Hamilton College because of their 5 years of service helping out Your Neighbors with our meal program. We have received many compliments over the years from our clients on how tasty the meals are that the students prepare.
           The students who work in the dining halls at Hamilton College, assemble the trays at the end of the lunch or dinner hour. They take the food that was not served and put a complete balanced meal together. (For example, grilled chicken, scalloped potatoes and green beans.) They label and freeze the meals and deliver them once a month or so to our freezer at Zion church.
           The majority of our meals are made by these students who belong to HAVOC. We truly appreciate all of their hard work and dedication in helping our homebound neighbors.