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A new responsibility comes from a key component of the grant that we become able to sustain this level of effort once the grant ends in about 18 months. This is not a free flowing gift, it is a seed to get our program growing and fully accepted and recognized throughout the Mohawk Valley. We need a part-time person to devote focused effort in what is typically called 'program development'. The effort is basically one of community relations/fiscal development/public awareness. Though we never expect nor want to become as large as the Heart Walk, we need to be as readily recognized to folks with a need, to volunteers, to financial donors and to corporate outreach groups.  And finally, there is a responsibility added to each of you, our current individual financial supporters. We must continue our financial stability year-round. The Christmas giving season is a tremendous lift spiritually, emotionally and financially. But we cannot have a full time program operate successfully without year round support. We are asking you to see if there is a way to help us on a continuing basis.  Simply put, regular donations are critical to Your Neighbors, Inc.
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