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Client Remarks
"Your Neighbors, Inc. and Faith in Action is the key to a meaningful life.  I acknowledge your kindness and appreciation for all the years of services your vounteers and organization  has given me.  My life is improved by your efforts, and I treasure them.  Thank you.  "Keep the Faith in Action" - it will prevail.  Love, and blessings to all."

"Connie is very nice and also gave me cookies at Christmas"   

"It's just nice to know, when I need the food, it's there. Volunteers never refuse me."

"How wonderful!  How necessary!"    

"Your group is truly 'Faith in Action.' Thanks so much for your services."

"I want to thank Roberta and Monica for taking care of me at the hospital and giving me rides to the hospital and doctor's appointments.  I'm grateful for all they have done."

"I have already given your name and phone number to several people."

"I can't offer any improvements of any kind.  You guys are doing fine."
"Just keep doing what you are doing.  You all have shown me nothing but courtesy.  You are all great people."

"Paul is more like a very good friend than just a volunteer driver."

"I believe you all have been a blessing to me.  May God be with you all and bless you."

"When I needed food, you came to me immediately and, also, to my friend.  I don't know of any improvements except a lot of people don't know about you."

"Thank you for being there for me."